Paper Castles EP

by Paper Castles

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This is the first release from Burlington VT's Paper Castles.


released July 29, 2009

Paddy Reagan - Vocals/Guitar/Trumpet
Ian Kovac - Electric and Upright Bass
Peter Negroponte - Drums and Noise

artwork by Dale Donaldson



all rights reserved


Paper Castles

Burlington, VT

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Track Name: Oh, in Hell
Oh, to fall
To fall into a well
And Oh, in Hell,
The Sun seems so much Clearer

Oh, In Hell,
The Coulds are Soft and Low
and, Oh, its Swell
The Way the Sun seems so much Clearer
Track Name: Open Country
10 Miles of open country a firey red
Each step one more behind me
The Sky grows dark above my head

Oh, love, the night advances without a sound
Save for the sway of branches,
where darkness lies a gown

Quick though my steps they may be, quick falls the snow
and each step the ground grows deeper,
deeper still my sorrow

My head and my hands have fallen to frozen land
And the gleam in my eye is slowly dying.
Track Name: Blue Jeans
I only knew her in Blue Jeans but he swore that she wore a red dress
Red as the leaves that fall in the breeze and land in a beautiful mess
And I guess if you've only seen the sunset once in all of your life
Its burned in your eyes like the blood of a child
or the wound from you own twisted knife

I only knew her in Blue Jeans though most of those were torn at the seams
Its funny how love either falls at your feet or it calls to you from a dream
It seems that she was a contest with no winner no rules and no teams
and i was a fool to dream she was mine just for an instant
a moment in time
when she leaned in close and closing her eyes she said

"Sing me a song and I'll sigh on your shoulder
and we'll quit acting young 'fore we get any older.
And the song that you sing, make it sad, make it truthful,
and be glad to be youthful and free."
Track Name: Sad Song
My legs are running, my hands applauding their courage
My eyes are closing, my ears are open and knowing
That my tongue can't find my way out of this room

My stomach won't digest anything I confess
and I find myself more and more full of shit
but this is just a temporary time to remit

My tears stopped falling. They've given themselves a reprieve
And my fears stopped calling, they'll come calling once more I believe
At my front door on some wistful summers eve.